Bathroom Tile Trends and Ideas

Manuel Baptista grew his tile business from the ground up over the past thirty years. Baptista Tile’s showroom now has the largest selection in Bend, supplying a wide range of residential and commercial projects of all sizes. Here, his experts reflect on the top tile trends and ideas in materials, tones, forms and finishes.


We are seeing more transitional styles with cleaner lines that tend toward farmhouse, versus heavy looks such as lodge. Mixing materials is quite popular. It feels so custom, an expression of the client’s taste that isn’t generic. A marble feature wall with a wood-look floor tile is a good example of material mixing. Wood look tile is here to stay and makes more sense than actual wood in a bathroom, from a maintenance perspective. Porcelain tile has the widest reach in the industry because it comes in many different styles and sizes and does not need to be sealed. You can also upgrade to a high performance grout that does not need to be sealed, making it even more maintenance free. Many of the popular porcelain tiles have an encaustic look that mimics concrete.


The biggest trend is the use of shape and size as key elements in bathroom tile design. Square tiles are back. Subway tile is also holding strong—especially inside showers. Large format tiles, from 4×16 to 12×24, may be used on one wall, with smaller format on another wall. Accent walls are popular and there are a lot less backsplashes since tile is being carried all the way up the wall. While a single narrow band of tile contrast has been the go-to decorative shower accent for years, we now use more wide bands, double bands and vertical stripes for a contemporary look. Gloss and matte finishes are both popular, with many people mixing gloss and matte finishes. Gloss works nicely in bathrooms that have less natural light.

Tones and Textures

For fixtures, chrome remains popular and brass (a gold look) is making a comeback. There is less bronze, overall. With tile, a sharp, classic white is the predominant shade of neutral. People are moving away from creams and eggshells. For general color palates, grey is still going strong, but now it’s trending toward warmer tones such as greige. Blues and greens are chosen most often by people who want color. Patterns are also gaining popularity. Z Collection has a nice representation of a mosaic with a muted color palate of neutrals and some saturation that should stand the test of trends over time.

Form Meets Function

We are seeing framed mirrors instead of large format mirrors. That allows for a more dramatic contrast between tile and mirror on a vanity wall. Niches—traditionally an ornamental recess in a wall—are popular in showers now. They can be used as both a functional shelf and an artistic accent, especially if a contrasting tile is used on
the recessed wall. Curb-less showers have become very popular. In fact, people are replacing built-in tubs with freestanding tubs or no tub at all. More than fifty percent of remodels are removing tubs completely, according to a 2016 nationwide study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. That zero entry to a shower makes for a clean look and is ideal for planning ahead. People are more cognizant of aging in place and ADA accessibility now. We also love linear drains, which are so subtle that the tile surface is uninterrupted by visual distraction. Lastly, radiant floors are worth it. They are easier to install than in the past and are much less problematic to maintain.
This article was originally featured in our flagship publication, Cascade Living Magazine.

Fun Winter Activities in Sunriver, Oregon

If you’re looking for a great place to vacation or relocate, Sunriver, Oregon is a wonderful place to consider. There is a great sense of community there and provides a lot of opportunities for some great activities for your family. From fishing and camping in the summer to cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the winter, the outdoor lifestyle is right at your fingertips in this beautiful Central Oregon area. If you do happen to visit Sunriver this winter season, here are some notable things to do that you should add to your calendar.

Traditions Celebration

The Traditions Celebration are simply events that continue throughout the winter season at Sunriver Resort. The event kicks off with the Grand Illumination in the middle of November, which includes live music, games, Santa sightings, sleigh rides, fireworks, and great food. Several more events continue weekly until the first of the year including community runs, dinners, snowshoe tours, Santa’s Workshop, and so much more! Check out the schedule to start your new tradition of the winter season in Sunriver.

Oregon Observatory

If you have any interest in viewing the stars, the Oregon Observatory is a great place to learn and experience everything the night sky has to offer. In the winter, evening viewings run from 8 PM until 10 PM where various constellations and and universe wonders are explained to visitors. Learn more at

Paulina Lake

Just southeast of Sunriver is the Paulina Creek and Falls Trailhead, which stays open during the winter for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and even has areas for snowmobiling. Be sure to also check out the hot springs, which can be accessed by skiing or snowshoeing in, and enjoy a nice warm soak at the end of your adventure. You can pick up a sno-park pass and winter gear at Sunriver Sports to enjoy the beautiful outdoor area and winter waterfalls at Paulina Lake.

Fitness & Aquatics

Get out from the cold and enjoy indoor surfing, fitness, spa, and a rock climbing gym at the Sunriver Fitness and Aquatics. You could simply spend all day relaxing with your family, getting your heart rate up, or simply finding a new hobby you grow to love, all in the comfort of a warm facility. Plenty of staff are also available for extra assistance and specific exercise programs if you’re looking for a little help in the gym.

Sunriver Brewing

Sunriver Brewing is a great stop after a great day of winter activities for food and beer. There are two locations in Sunriver and one a few miles north of Bend. In November you’ll find Sunriver Brewing serving up some great brews at the Bend Ale Fest. Be sure to also check out the many other great food and drink options around Sunriver.
Learn more about Sunriver, Oregon and search beautiful homes and property for sale on our community page.

Top Home Security Tips

Buying a home can be an incredible experience for a lot of people. It’s a place in life where dreams of raising a family, enjoying backyard barbecues, and spending quiet evenings reading by the fire in your own house are fulfilled. And although a home is considered a safe place to spend a lot of your time with your family, there is still considerable effort needed to make sure it stays that way. So here are a few of the top ways to secure your home and keep it protected from intruders, so you can fully enjoy where you live with peace of mind.
Featured Image – Beautiful home and acreage for sale in Central Oregon

Install an Alarm System

One of the best ways to secure your home is to install an alarm system, like this one by Sabre. Good systems will have lots of protection options such as motion detectors, security cameras, panic buttons, multiple interior zones, glass break and entryway detectors, and loud sirens. Some companies may also include 24hr monitoring and will get in touch with local law enforcement if the system is triggered. As a homeowner, keeping your system armed and updated as well as posting signs outside the front and back entrances will be part of what you can do to make this a great way to protect your property.

Out of Town Planning

When you’re going to be out of town for a while, it’s a good idea to plan carefully what to do during these long absences so that your home is protected while you’re gone. It’s a good idea to put holds on newspaper, package, and mail service so those items don’t pile up on your porch, which is an obvious sign someone isn’t on the property at the moment or important deliveries could potentially be taken by a thief. Another thing to consider is arranging for snow removal during the winter and landscaping service during the summer, which keeps your home looking well taken care of (which the neighbors will also appreciate!). You can also use timers for lights, radios, or other items that give the impression that you’re home to the outside viewer. Finally, consider asking a trusted friend or neighbor to check for anything out of the ordinary on your property while you’re gone.

Door, Window, and Garage Safety

Investing in good doors and windows will provide that extra security and safety when it comes to protecting your home. A solid core or metal door fitted with a heavy-duty deadbolt and strike plate is a great option to consider for your entranceway and will be very difficult for a burglar to break into. Other options for doors that increase your security are wide-angle peepholes, putting a wooden rod in the door track of sliding doors, and of course, changing all the locks after you’ve moved in. Windows should have a secondary lock and kept secure at all times, and it’s a good practice, when opening windows for fresh air, to keep the ground floor ones closed. For the garage, use remote openers that have a rolling code, change the access code every once in a while, and replace keypads that get worn over time which can give away the access numbers.

Other Home Security Tips

Consider creating a personalized checklist or document for your home security that you go over with your family every once in a while, as there is a lot to remember when it comes to keeping your home safe. Here are a few other top home security tips to consider:

  • Secure your valuables and important documents in a high-quality, bolted down safe.
  • Password-protect and enable security tracking on all of your electronic devices.
  • Keep curtains closed when necessary to keep potential thieves from casing your house.
  • Use plenty of outdoor lighting to keep your exterior well-lit at night.
  • Get a dog and use locking pet doors.
  • Make your address visible outside so local law enforcement and first responders can find your property quickly.
  • Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places.
  • Be wary of door-to-door solicitors and team up with neighbors to be on the lookout for anything suspicious in the neighborhood.

Sotheby’s International Realty Announces Exclusive Alliance with Japan News Publication

Sotheby’s International Realty has partnered up exclusively with the Nikkei, the most influential news magazine in Japan, to showcase real estate listings through the end of 2017. This means that CSIR properties will be promoted through the Nikkei’s digital platform, which reaches over 29 million monthly readers. The Sotheby’s International Realty Brand is the first real estate company to present property listings outside of Japan to the readers of the Nikkei, giving interested Japanese buyers access to CSIR residential real estate offerings in Oregon and Washington as well as in nearly 70 other countries and territories.
The alliance with the Nikkei means that CSIR properties will be promoted in a number of ways on Nikkei’s online edition and property site including a translated and syndicated property listing page, custom-branded editorial content, and Sotheby’s banner advertising.
“The Sotheby’s International Realty brand is unrivaled in its reach to real estate intenders in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to our alliance with the Nikkei, the brand also has existing partnerships with Juwai, MyFun and WeChat, all of which offer unprecedented access to Asian consumers. The opportunities afforded to us with these key regional players is a testament to the strength and power of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand.” – Kevin Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.
Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty, which has offices in Central Oregon, Portland, the Oregon Coast, and Southwest Washington, offers exclusive marketing, advertising, and referral services that are designed to attract well-qualified buyers to our property listings.
With almost 94% of all property searches originating in Japan are being searched internationally, the Sotheby’s International Realty brand is offering access to a virtually untapped global market by being the first real estate brand to showcase properties to readers of the Nikkei.
“With increased international interest in Pacific Northwest real estate markets, the Sotheby’s International Realty alliance with the Nikkei puts our listings in front of a wide audience of affluent Japanese consumers and increases our local company’s opportunity for global exposure—a huge imact for buyers, sellers, and our brokers,” says Deb Tebbs, founder and CEO, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty.
Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty, which surpassed $1 billion in closed sales in 4th quarter of 2016, launched in Central Oregon in 2007 and recently opened brokerages in Portland Metro markets and Oregon Coast locations. Here are some recent statistics that supports the positive trend that CSIR is tracking:
– 20% growth in market share in Portland metro and SW Washington from Q1 to Q2, 2017

– Tripled sales volume in Portland Metro market from 2015 to 2016

– Average price point for CSIR agents is 33% higher than other agents in Portland and SW Washington
– Double the market share from its closest competitor in Central Oregon in total sales volume in the region for 2016
– Grown from four offices in Central Oregon to 11 offices and 240 brokers throughout Oregon and SW Washington in just 12 months; signed 65 new brokers in the Portland/SW Washington markets in one year
If you’re interested in discussing your real estate needs or are interested in joining the Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty team as a broker, contact one of our offices today.

Bend, Oregon Winter Activities and Events

With the recent snowfall in the mountains, you can start to feel the excitement for those anticipating the beautiful winter in Central Oregon. Visitors travel from all over to experience Bend during the winter season. Whether you are bundling up to ski in the mountains or are looking to try some seasonal, local brews, there is really something for everyone of any hobby or age here. Below are a handful of ideas for things to do in Bend to make your winter here memorable.

Mount Bachelor Ski Area

Head up Cascade Lakes Highway, 22 miles from Bend, and you will find yourself at Mount Bachelor Ski Area. The drive up to the mountain is beautiful in itself and there are over 4,300 acres of lift accessible land to explore with over 100 runs. Nordic skiing is offered here as well, with over 12 groomed trails from beginner to most difficult. If you are just getting into the snow sports, there are also numerous classes and packages that are available to make your visit pleasant and fun.


Located right outside of Bend are 5 different sno-parks for activities such as, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and riding fat-tire bikes. An affordable sno-park pass can grant you access to winter fun around Bend all season long. Whether you decide to ski, snowshoe, or just enjoy the outdoors, make sure you are prepared for the winter conditions with the proper gear. Powder House and Pine Mountain Sports are two great places to rent or buy the gear you need to enjoy your time in the mountains.

For the Kids

If you’re looking for some kid-friendly daytime activities during a snowy day, the Sun Mountain Fun Center is a great way to warm up those wintery bones and have some family fun. Indoor attractions offered are bowling, bumper cars, billiards, and a huge selection of arcade games. And there is no need to leave for a meal break as there is a great food menu that supports local vendors and food as well; don’t worry parents beer and wine is also an option here.


Ending your winter activities early sometimes can be easy knowing there is a great night life in Bend. If you’ve ever been here, you may know that it’s a place that’s known to have tons of great beer in town. A few breweries to check out are Deschutes, Crux, Boneyard, Monkless, Immersion, and Bend Brewing, plus many more. Great cocktails can be found at Stil Whiskey bar, O’kanes Whiskey bar, Crater Lake Spirits, The Brown Owl, and again many more. It may take more than one trip to hit all the great spots in town, but would be well worth it.


The Oregon Winterfest, held in February, is one of the best weekend events to feel the energy of this town. Thousands gather for ice sculptures, fire pit competitions, live music, great food, fine art, beer, wine, and so much more. It is one of the largest gatherings that happens in Bend, and one that you won’t want to miss. A handful of runs are also held the during Winterfest, so make sure you grab your running shoes and get ready for a great weekend of winter celebration.

The High Desert Museum

Featuring 135 acres of land and over 100,000 square feet of exhibits, the High Desert Museum has been inspiring visitors since 1982. Get up close with wildlife, Native American history, World War II, travel back in time to an original sawmill, and so much more. This is a great way to spend a cold winter day that’s only five minutes south of Bend.
For more great ideas, check out our other post about great winter activities around Central Oregon. Also visit our Bend community page to browse a wide variety of incredible homes for sale in the area.

Real Estate Buyer Incentive Program at Tetherow in Bend, Oregon

Tetherow is a 700-acre golf and recreational planned resort community located in Bend, Oregon and nestled among the Ponderosa pines of the Deschutes National Forest with incredible views of the snowcapped Cascade Mountains. Tetherow offers a championship 18-hole golf course, a Golf Academy, clubhouse, restaurants, and a host of other amenities.
Right now the developers at Tetherow are offering a 2017 buyer incentive for new homesites that covers all HOA and Tetherow Club dues for 2 full years. With the majority of the homesites sold, there is no better time to check out one of the premier spots to build your dream home in Central Oregon. You can secure your future homesite with ample time to design your next home — no need to worry about carrying costs, while immediately getting access to the club and lifestyle that Tetherow has to offer.
Here are a few of the incredible homesites available at Tetherow right now that would qualify for the incentive. Contact Brian Ladd, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty’s principle broker, if you’re interested in learning more about making Tetherow the place to build your dream home in Central Oregon.

Tetherow Real Estate

Located in the gated Heath neighborhood and the famed Kidd’s Corner section, this flat and sunny homesite represents exceptional value for a place to build your home in Tetherow.
View More Information and Photos

Also located in the Kidd’s Corner section of Tetherow, this premium homesite features long-range views of the golf course and the snow-capped Cascade Mountains.
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Located in the Crescent Neighborhood, this flat homesite backs to the common space in Tetherow and is a perfect place to build your dream home.
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Enjoy beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains from this large, flat homesite located in the Crescent Neighborhood of Tetherow.
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Tetherow also offers multiple other real estate options for securing your spot in this premier community — from townhouses to vacation rentals to luxury homes, there is something for everyone! Call the Tetherow real estate sales office at 541-388-2599 for more information about what’s available, they are open 7 days a week.
For more information about the buyer incentive program at Tetherow, head over to Bend Property Source. To see more listings around Bend and learn more about Central Oregon, visit our community page.

Manzanita, Oregon: Coastal Beauty Where Sun Reigns

The natural wonders of the Nehalem Valley give Manzanita its coastal beauty, and an added bonus is much less annual rainfall than the typical Oregon Coast village. Manzanita’s seven miles of pristine coastline run from the jetty at Nehalem Bay north to Neahkahnie Mountain at the edge of Oswald West State Park.
Oswald West chose this slice of the Oregon Coast for the announcement of his forward-thinking declaration that Oregon’s beaches should always remain free and open to all. Perhaps his enthusiasm was bolstered by the mouth of the jetty at Nehalem Bay at the south end of Manzanita. No, it must have been the seven miles of pristine coast that lead from the jetty to Neahkahnie Mountain and the million-dollar views in the unincorporated district of the same name. Maybe, but more than likely, it was the sun.

“Manzanita is a sun spot on the coast,” said broker and fifth generation Oregon Coast resident, Meadow Davis. “A lot of the coast fogs in when the valley is hot, but with our northwest winds and the way the mountain is situated, we get thirty-five to forty more days of sun per year.” Combine this with a generally warmer and drier Oregon over the past five years, and Davis said there has never been a better time to own a home on the Oregon Coast.
Davis grew up moving back and forth between Cannon Beach, where her family has multigenerational roots, and Neahkahnie, where her father lived. She moved away from the coast as an adult, but when she and her husband decided to return to the area six years ago, the 639-person town of Manzanita was the clear frontrunner for their homecoming.
“Cannon Beach had become more of a shopping mall than a place to live,” said Davis. “There are more town-like qualities here: a lumber yard, a medical clinic. It’s also a bit more affordable.”
The minute population count can be a bit deceiving, as Manzanita’s downtown is a lively hub of dining, shopping and hometown businesses. Just outside the urban growth boundary on the northern coast of Manzanita, its Neahkahnie rural residential area is home to an additional 200 to 300 people. All told, the three Nehalem Valley villages of Manzanita, Nehalem and Wheeler have a total population of approximately 1,500.
Davis described Manzanita as a vacation and resort community driven by tourism. Traditional Nehalem Valley jobs, such as fishing and logging, still exist—and the dairy industry has made a comeback—but the modern economy thrives on tourism. Manzanita’s occupancy rate hovers at 25 percent, as most homeowners call the village their second home.
“Views and walkability are two main drivers of value,” said Davis. “More than half of homes are within easy walking distance of downtown.”

Manzanita packs in culinary excellence, with dining options ranging from fine to fast. Neah-Kah-Nie Bistro and Big Wave Café shore up the finer end. San Dune pub and the summer farmers’ market are regular stops for locals. Quick stops such as “The Little Apple” Manzanita Market offer groceries and a great sandwich, and Bread and Ocean Bakery garner praise from both sleepy Sunday morning newspaper readers and adventure-seeking carb loaders.
There is no shortage of outdoor recreation here. Oswald West State Park pays homage to our progressive former governor and encompasses Neahkahnie Mountain, a marine preserve, surfing mecca Short Sand Beach, and thousands of forested acres with hiking and camping options. Nehalem Valley is also home to recreation at Nehalem Bay State Park, where salmon fishing, crabbing and boating are popular pastimes. Perhaps the best-kept secret of the area is the world- class kiteboarding and windsurfing scene.
“These recreation draws, along with our proximity to Portland, have gained us popularity with Portland Metro and Seattle area residents—really making Manzanita a destination,” said Davis.
Visit our Manzanita community page to view some beautiful Oregon Coast homes for sale. This article can also be found in our flagship publication, Cascade Living Magazine.

Haley Overton: Central Oregon Real Estate Broker and Pet Partners Volunteer

Living in Central Oregon means being part of a beautiful area that is close to a lot of outdoor activities and an active community with lots of things to do. With Bend being at the heart of the region with recreation, schools, hospitals, and culture, the wonderful neighborhoods and convenience of being located near the mountains, forests, lakes, and high desert makes it an attractive place to live.

The Bend lifestyle is a big part of why Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty broker Haley Overton loves calling Central Oregon home. Some of her favorite activities are backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and trail running, with all of them being very convenient to where she lives.
“There is nothing quite like getting away for a weekend with nothing more than a backpack with my gear. Being connected to nature is what brings so many people to Central Oregon, and I feel so lucky to get to experience all that Bend has to offer.”
Aside from working hard as a real estate broker and spending time in the mountains and forests of Oregon, Haley is also involved with local community programs. Having a passion for helping kids, Haley, along with her dog Wilson, are part of the local Pet Partners team that volunteers with students at Elk Meadow Elementary School’s Dog Tales program. At the beginning of the school year, they are paired up with a student who might need a little extra reading time or just a friend to talk to.

“Each week, Wilson and I visit our student and listen to them read to us. But it’s more than reading: we talk about school, life at home, or what silly thing Wilson did that week. Our students often have difficult home lives and sometimes they really just want to snuggle with Wilson and talk to him. Wilson doesn’t seem to mind the extra belly rubs, ear scratches and treats. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to impact a young life through such a small act.”
As a real estate broker, Haley has extensive experience with successful negotiations in all types of markets, helping sellers understand pricing and the value of their home, and working with buyers to write offers that are compelling and competitive. She has a determination to ensure the needs of her clients are met on a consistent basis, with a goal to see her clients to a greater knowledge and a life-long real estate partner.
“Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make. Choosing a real estate broker whose communication style, goals, and personality align with yours is paramount to a successful transaction.”
Contact Haley today if you’re interested in discussing your real estate needs around Central Oregon. You can also browse a few of her listings below if you’re in the market for a beautiful home around Bend.

River’s Edge Home

This custom built home is on the 17th fairway of River’s Edge Golf Course and is also just a short walk about to the park and River Trail. The main level features floors to ceiling windows in the great room, formal dining room, a beautiful master suite, and an additional bedroom. The upstairs has three bedrooms, bonus room, and an office. Low maintenance landscaping and private backyard make this a perfect place for entertaining and enjoying everything Central Oregon has to offer.
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NW Prairie Style Home

This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom spacious Central Oregon home features a gourmet chef’s dream kitchen that has generous granite prep spaces, travertine floors, and lots of storage. The open living spaces that flow naturally inside and out, your own putting green and bocce court, and a roomy paver deck are perfect for entertaining and easy living with your family.
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Real Estate For Sale on the Washington Coast

If you love spending time in the outdoors, taking long walks on the beach, and living in the Northwest, then the Washington Coast could be just the place for you. With the incredible mountains and forests nearby, fishing, beach activities, a peaceful lifestyle, historic communities, and much more, you will never have a shortage of things to look forward to here.
If you’re in the market for real estate that can offer you an opportunity to enjoy everything the Washington Coast has, check out these great listings we currently have for sale. For more information about living in this beautiful area, visit our Washington Coast community page.

Custom Home

Located in the historic district of Oysterville, this beautiful custom home could be just the place you’ve been looking for on the Washington Coast. Features include an interior with beautiful wood floors and woodwork crafted from Douglas Fir, vaulted ceilings, family loft, and lots of natural light in each room. The exterior is finished with cedar sawn shakes that gives it the beach feel, a beautiful deck for entertaining, and excellent views of Willapa Bay. The property includes rights to an unbuildable oceanfront lot, meaning this property will always offer you beach views and your own access.
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Oceanfront Luxury

This absolutely stunning coastal home on 5 acres has a wide variety of luxurious features and finishes. A large stone fireplace is a beautiful focal point of the large great room that flows into the gourmet kitchen. Outside is a large deck that wraps around the back of the house, great for entertaining guests or quietly enjoying a cup of coffee with the ocean breeze.
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Oceanfront Lot

Enjoy unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean from this lot in the secluded community of Ocean Park, perfect for building your dream home.
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Peaceful Living

Located in a private gated community, you can build the home you’ve dreamed about that’s close to fishing, the beach, and everything a quiet lifestyle on the Washington Coast offers.
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Coastal Ridge Development

Located close to the ocean, these 1.4 acre lots are surrounded by trees which offer privacy and a cozy feel for anyone who decides to build here. Sale includes 10 separate tax properties in a private, gated, luxury condo community.
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