Top Places to Live in Oregon

Oregon is a place that offers so many beautiful places to call home. You can live next to the Cascade Range in the high desert, along the coast where you’ll have miles of beach to stroll on, or in cities that invest in parks and open spaces for their residents to enjoy. Those who are active in the outdoors in Oregon will boast that they can go surfing, mountain biking, and snowboarding all in the same day. Those who love food and entertainment will find that Portland and many other cities take this very seriously, with quality restaurants, craft beer, and the local scene being the standard. So if you’re considering making the move to the Northwest, here are some of the top places to live in Oregon.

Central Oregon

For those who love the outdoors, Central Oregon is one of the best places to live. As one of the premier recreation destinations in the West, Central Oregon’s lakes, rivers, and single-track trails are just the beginning. Whether it’s a day cutting fresh tracks through thigh-deep powder at Mt. Bachelor or admiring an evening sunset from the back nine at Pronghorn’s Nicklaus Course, Central Oregon is the perfect outdoor playground for both visitors and residents. In addition to fairways and trails, Bend, Redmond, and Sisters lay fertile ground for starting and growing a business in a region that draws talent. Whatever your inspiration, the team at Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty’s flagship office will draw from their local expertise to find you the perfect property.
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Farm, Ranch, & Vineyard

Land is the foundation for a sense of place. Its type determines the flow of towns, the taste of cuisine, and the boundaries of recreation. From southern Washington to southern Oregon, and from pristine coastline to eastern hills, our brokerage covers a range of nearly 100,000 square miles and much of that land is rural. Our Farm, Ranch, and Vineyard brokers are experts, as they, too, are ranchers, riders, farmers and vintners. Andy Warhol said that “land really is the best some of the most incredible farm, art.” We agree, and we are proud to say that in this realm, our brokers are lifelong connoisseurs. You will often find them outside the office–cultivating land and relationships while driving back roads, wrangling horses, or walking rows of grape vines. They are ready to match their extraordinary expertise with your vision.
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Oregon Coast

Once the nearly exclusive province of loggers and fishermen, the villages along the rugged and unspoiled Oregon Coast have blossomed into travel destinations with universal appeal. Dining, galleries and cultural activities complement the natural beauty that provides seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor recreation in old growth forests and along oceanfront bluffs. With offices in Cannon Beach, Gearhart, and Manzanita, Sotheby’s International Realty brokers can find the perfect home for anyone looking to add the seaside to their lifestyle.
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Portland Metro

City living is at its best in Portland, where you’ll find a quality of life that is unmatched in other major American cities. Portlanders are adept at creating spaces where business, culture and the great outdoors intersect. The Rose City has more than 10,000 acres of public parks and natural areas, giving residents ample opportunities to explore the environment without having to travel beyond the city limits. Bicycle friendliness is only matched by eco-friendliness. Each neighborhood’s charm is amplified by world-class eats, local microbreweries and coffeehouses.
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Lake Oswego

One of the oldest inhabited areas in Willamette Valley, Lake Oswego continues to be one of Oregon’s most desirable suburban cities to “live where you play.” With the eponymous lake at the center of life, Lake Oswego has maintained a reputation as one of the most coveted places in the Portland area for families to put down roots. The town boasts award-winning schools and parks against a backdrop steeped in history. From the historic Ironworks installation in the city park to its array of carefully-preserved Victorian homes and cottages, Lake Oswego exudes character and classic charm.
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Southwest Washington

Vancouver and the surrounding cities have emerged as much more than sleepy bedroom communities for their sought-after interstate sibling. Now hubs of music, culture, shopping and dining, each Southwest Washington enclave has an attractive identity of its own. From city to suburb, there is a town that will match your ideal mix of old-town charm and urban culture. As Washington’s oldest city, Vancouver has bridged the gap to modernity with its revitalized waterfront district and well-maintained, historic downtown. A strong commitment to schools and public infrastructure combined with attractive home prices make SW Washington a great buy for owners and investors alike.
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Smart Home Technology Ideas and Energy Solutions

Bend’s Home Systems Solutions owner Lawrence Fisher tells us about smart home technology, energy solutions, ideas and development, and how “The Jetsons”-style homes are now a reality for any home.
What are smart homes?
Smart homes are homes that incorporate advanced automation systems that control and monitor all the things that happen in and around the home—audio and visual entertainment, lighting, comfort, shading, surveillance and so on. It’s essentially taking a home and connecting all the systems into one easy-to-control platform, which can be accessed from a computer, tablet, smart phone or even just your voice. Although some homes may have “smart home” features, a truly smart home is one that is completely wired for full automation. Think of it like the Jetsons’ house, but much better!
Which aspects of smart home living are customers requesting most?
Most customers start with surround sound systems and whole-house music for their home. Home networking is also popular. Today we have so many devices that we depend on for work, play and family time. We’re using Skype, Netflix, Pandora, and a multitude of other Internet based apps— sometimes all at once. That puts a heavy burden on a network system and smart home technology can stitch it all together. Customers want a reliable and easy-to-use system so they can fully enjoy their home with ease. Third would be automated lighting and shading, which when they work together, are a nice addition to climate control inside a home.
smart home kitchen
How are smart home technologies changing the way people live?
Smart home technologies allow your home to work for you, adding simplicity and convenience. For instance, you can program a “good night” setting and with one click on your phone, you can turn off interior lighting, turn on exterior lighting, set the thermostat, lower the shades and lock the doors. A smart home can also help families be more energy efficient by closely monitoring energy use and allowing you to adjust accordingly.
How are smart home features integrated into the home aesthetically?
Well, in the past, high tech stuff wasn’t necessarily pretty—console TVs, CD racks and clunky speakers. Today products (such as speakers, flush mount TVs and projectors) are much nicer-looking, but can also be hidden away out of sight if the customer prefers. We’re really excited about hidden technologies such as invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that perform beautifully. Control systems, such as wall- mounted touchpads, can also be sleek and low-profile to match the color or finish with the home style. In addition, we love working with custom woodworkers and cabinetmakers to integrate custom cabinetry into projects.
north rim automated home
What developments are happening in smart home technology that will be available on the market soon?
One thing we are seeing more of is voice control, where you can literally tell your house what to do. Amazon’s Alexa is just the start of this type of technology and voice control systems are getting better each year. We also now have Organic LED (OLED) televisions, which is the biggest advancement in TVs in the last decade. They hit on the big three tickets: amazing contrast, very thin depth and extreme energy efficiency. Lastly, there are some cool new surveillance technologies that include face recognition and 360-degree cameras that allow you to see so much more of your property.
This article is also published in Cascade Living Magazine. If you’re interested in looking at places for sale with smart home features around Central Oregon, Portland, or the Oregon Coast, get in touch with one of our brokers.

Big Houses for Sale for Families in Portland, Oregon

Living in a city with a big family might sound daunting, but there’s actually a lot available for families in Portland, Oregon. There are gorgeous parks, great schools, and kid-friendly restaurants, museums, and farmers’ markets. Although many urban houses have small properties, there are still beautiful homes for families with three or more children in Portland. You don’t have to be limited to one or two kids. Check out these spacious houses currently for sale!


Located in the trendy Hawthorne neighborhood, this 5-bedroom Colonial is filled with light, beauty, and history. Built in 1920, the home has been renovated with updated fixtures without losing any of the original architectural charm.
There’s also a nice garden for growing veggies and raising chickens, as well as a grassy backyard for outdoor play. On rainy days, you work on projects together in the basement workshop or cook together in the gourmet kitchen. There’s space for several helping hands, plus a pantry large enough to feed a hungry family!
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classic colonial home portland oregon

Big Home, Great Location

With 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, this 6,913 square-foot home gives everyone privacy while still cozy spaces for the family to be together. Two of the bedrooms are in the in-law suite, so you can comfortably invite guests over and host extended family. Whenever you need a moment of peace and quiet, you can head to the luxurious master suite, which includes a sitting area, sauna, fireplace, and en suite bath.
In addition, your kids can enjoy the lovely backyard with a treehouse and patio, plus the nearby parks and natural areas. You’ll also be living close to excellent schools. The home is in Dunthorpe, which has an outstanding school district and a safe community, perfect for growing up.
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large dunthorpe oregon home

Quiet with Beautiful Views

This lovely 4-bedroom home rests on a quiet cul-de-sac, surrounded by nature. There’s a greenspace right behind the house, so you get beautiful views when you’re sitting by the window or outside on the deck. It’s a great home for hosting a big barbecue or birthday party, with enough space for your kids’ friends to stay the night. You can prep food in the gorgeous kitchen while your children run in the yard or play games in the spacious living room. With 4,245 square feet, no one will feel crowded.
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northwest heights home portland

American Foursquare

This classic American Foursquare has a fantastic layout for a family. The main floor has an open layout connecting the entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, and corner office. All four bedrooms are on the second floor, so you’ll always be close by if your kids need you at night.
Then, the third floor has an additional family room with large skylights and lots of space. You can use this family room as a play area, or even turn it into another bedroom. There’s also an unfinished basement for room for storage, as well as a nice yard with a patio for entertaining. Finally, the two-car garage has an attached office, perfect for finding silence to work when you’re home.
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classic pdx foursquare

Historic Craftsman

This 1908 Craftsman has been renovated to combine the comforts of modern design with the beauty of historical details like original woodwork and subway tile. This combination gives the home a unique atmosphere while still being family-friendly. You get original woodwork and vintage touches like subway tile and a clawfoot tub, but you also have the convenience of a new dishwasher and updated kitchen.
In addition to the 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and upstairs loft in the main house, there’s an attached in-law suite with another bedroom and bathroom. You can reserve this space for guests, or make it into a private apartment for your aging parents or college-bound teenager. You could even rent it out, giving your family a financial boost for those vacations you’ve always wanted.
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These 5 homes are just a sample of what’s available for families in Portland. Contact us if you’re looking for a big home in the city, and we’ll show you all the best houses currently for sale!

Tillamook, Oregon History and Community Features

Unlike many towns on the Oregon Coast, the city of Tillamook is located near a bay rather than the ocean. This bay has led to a wealth of natural beauty and prosperity in the area. It’s the endpoint for four major rivers, bringing abundant steelhead and salmon runs every year. Its calm waters are also ideal for recreation and wildlife, drawing visitors both now and a century ago.
The first pioneer to settle in the area was Joseph Champion in 1851. Champion was a resourceful English immigrant who eventually became the town’s first county clerk and schoolteacher. He made his first home inside a hollow spruce tree, which he named his “castle.”
Soon, other pioneers arrived and began to build homes and farms. Many became dairy farmers, as fresh water and lush grass were both plentiful. Timber and fishing were reliable industries, too, with so many rivers, streams, and forests in the vicinity.
However, the town had a problem: how could they get their fresh dairy products and seafood to other markets to sell? Transporting goods over the mountains using wagon trails took too long, and ships had a difficult time getting past the sandbar at the entrance to Tillamook Bay. All the boats that had carried the town’s goods had wrecked.
To solve this problem, the community decided to build a ship together called the “Morning Star.” This vessel was sturdy enough to withstand strong breakers. It was built using local wood, along with ironwork salvaged from a shipwreck and brought over the mountains on horseback. The sails were also remnants from a shipwreck found by Native Americans and sold to the town.
The Morning Star took its first voyage in 1855 and was a success. It brought tons of goods to Astoria and Portland, an economic boost that helped the pioneers survive and further develop their community.
By 1861, Tillamook had its first store. The first post office followed five years later, officially putting the town on the map.
All this time, the dairy industry in Tillamook was slowly growing. With such nutritious grass, the cows in Tillamook County always produced more than enough milk. Local dairy farmers mainly focused on making butter with this milk, as cheese was more complicated to produce in large batches for sale.
However, cheese was potentially more valuable than butter, since it was easier to pack and ship. For this reason, some local farmers continued to tinker with producing cheese. Seeking guidance, they contacted Peter McIntosh, a man renowned on the west coast for his cheese making skills.
McIntosh came to Tillamook in 1894 and taught the local dairy farmers everything he knew. After that, the cheese industry took off. Within six years, three dozen cheese factories began operating in Tillamook County. Even now, more than a hundred years later, Tillamook Cheese still uses McIntosh’s award-winning cheddar cheese recipe.
The dairy industry in Tillamook has also helped to boost the local tourism industry. Every year, around a million visitors come to the city to tour the Tillamook Cheese factory alone. With such a thriving tourism industry, the city has been able to invest in local institutions like the library, community college, and fairgrounds. The downtown area is being revitalized, too.
Tillamook has also maintained its beautiful city parks and natural scenery. The Tillamook Forest Center is an especially great place to visit to learn about the local ecosystem. Located in the Tillamook State Forest, the Center offers a range of activities for all ages, from guided forest walks to presentations about forest animals such as bats and beavers. You can climb a 40-foot forest fire lookout tower, cross a 250-foot-long suspension bridge, or taste tea made from local leaves, roots, and flowers.
The future looks bright for Tillamook. After overcoming its initial struggles, the city has only grown larger and more successful. Buy or build a home here, and you can enjoy living in one of the most beautiful areas on the coast.
Contact us today if you’re interested in finding a home for sale in this beautiful Oregon Coast area.

Vineyards and Homes For Sale in Oregon Wine Country

The wine business is thriving in Oregon, with over 700 wineries operating today, and most of them independently. Local growers bring in higher average revenue per case than other regions throughout the United States, making it a great opportunity to own a vineyard in Oregon.
Vineyards in Oregon are not only great for business but offer the opportunity to live in the beautiful Northwest. With gorgeous views of valleys, rivers, and mountains, owning property in Oregon wine country offers an experience that stands out among anywhere else in the United States. One reason that wineries succeed in Oregon is the friendly culture and local communities that offer incredible support wineries throughout the state.
If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own winery or moving your business to Oregon, here are a few beautiful vineyard properties and homes for sale that you should consider.

Umpqua Valley Wine Country

This beautiful gated estate is located in the heart of the Umpqua Valley’s Wine Country and has over 600 feet of riverfront on the North Umpqua River. Property includes a beautiful custom home, vineyard, guest house, and tasting room. With magnificent views of the valley and river, this is an incredible opportunity to enjoy owning one of the most picturesque riverfront estates in Oregon.
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oregon vineyard
oregon wine country home

Prime Vineyard Property

With 20.19 acres of Pinot Noir and .57 acres of Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc, you’ll be setup perfectly to build the winery of your dreams with the property being approved to build a 2nd homesite and tasting room. Relax in the custom-built, 2-story home with an expansive deck and exceptional views.
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vineyard property oregon
prime vineyard oregon

Award-Winning Winery and Custom Home

If you’re looking for a turn-key business opportunity in the wine industry, then this property is the perfect opportunity. Situated on a gently sloping bluff overlooking the Willamette Valley, the award-winning winery has around 3.5 acres of a high-quality producing vineyard and an inviting, onsite tasting room that will give you all that’s needed to be a part of the booming Oregon wine market. You’ll appreciate the custom craftsman home with vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, wood framing throughout the place, and a downstairs apartment.
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salem vineyard
tasting room oregon

Beautiful Home in Oregon Wine Country

This gorgeous estate features a 4524sf custom home, over 15 acres, and views of the coastal mountains. The property includes a tennis court, hot tub, and wine-harvestable trees. Enjoy a gourmet kitchen, vaulted ceilings, hand-scraped cherry floors, library and den, and a dining room that opens up to a large deck. This is a perfect opportunity to live in a beautiful place in the heart of Oregon wine country.
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Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about owning a vineyard in Oregon.

Peaceful Homes Near Bend, Oregon for Privacy and Solitude

When picturing a peaceful retreat, you might imagine a gorgeous beach home or cottage in the woods. However, a desert can be just as beautiful and relaxing, especially when it’s the high desert around Bend, Oregon. The higher altitude gives you cooler temperatures, while the desert means having plenty of sunny, clear days year-round.
This climate is ideal for enjoying the outdoors and finding peace in nature. You can go skiing, hiking, or mountain biking in the nearby mountains, or visit a magnificent waterfall in an old-growth forest. Despite being a desert, Bend has a lot of greenery and water, so you won’t be deprived of water sports, either. You can go kayaking, canoeing, or fishing in the surrounding lakes and rivers, perhaps even on your own property.
There are also many lovely, secluded homes near Bend, so even when you’re at home, you can have peace and privacy. No matter what your lifestyle is, you can find a home that would make a perfect retreat.


One way to guarantee privacy is to surround your home with acres of land. With so much property, you won’t need to drive somewhere to find wilderness. You can just head into your massive backyard.
For example, this home has 112 acres with more than 3/4 of a mile of Deschutes River frontage. The property already has a dock on the river, close enough to the house to walk down for a swim or have dinner by the water. In addition, the entrance to the property is through an exclusive, gated community, so you get absolute privacy and security without the fees.
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three rivers south home
Want more land? This ranch offers 280 acres with lovely views of the Cascade Mountains, just 4 miles away from Bend. The property has varied topography, so you have plenty to explore. There are two canyons, two stocked ponds, and 95 acres of water rights. Closer to the house, there’s a garden, two hay barns, and a barn with an office and shop. You can turn this property into a recreational paradise, or simply live a private life in complete peace.
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box s ranch

Room for Friends / Family

Privacy doesn’t have to mean isolation. With a large enough home, you can host big parties, invite guests to stay over, or move in with a large family or group of friends. The extra rooms will ensure that everyone has their own space, providing peace and solitude alongside socialization and fun.
If you love hosting parties, this home could be your perfect venue for social events. It has something for every kind of guest. There’s a sauna, a fitness room, a massage room, a ballroom, an incredible theater room, themed guest suites, and a par three golf course with six tee boxes. The home is even wheelchair accessible with an elevator and spacious rooms!
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bend area home oregon
A big family or group of friends could have a great time living together at this estate. You could play basketball on the indoor half-court, kick around a soccer ball on the turf sport court, practice golf on the putting green, or hang out in the gorgeous outdoor pool with two hot tubs. With seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and room for seven cars, everyone would have their own personal space, too.
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nw style estate for sale

Hobby Farm

Small farms can be great places to find peace and solitude. If you’ve always wanted to grow your own crops or raise your own livestock, these homes might be for you.
This home proves that you don’t need to be far from a city to have a serene, farming lifestyle. Located just 15 minutes away from Bend, this five-acre property has a chicken coop, greenhouse, horse area, and three-bay shop. It’s surrounded by larger parcels, so you get a rural atmosphere without the hassle of maintaining a lot of land.
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bend acreage home for sale
If you do want more land for livestock, though, check out this comfortable country home on ten acres. It has a good water system with a private well, 8.78 acres of water rights, and a pond with a waterfall for the in-ground irrigation system. There’s also a 5-stall barn with a tack room and wash rack, plus an arena, a round pen, and 6 grass pastures. Finally, the property is fully fenced with a gated driveway, so your livestock will stay safe.
country home oregon
country home oregon
These homes are just the beginning of what’s available around Bend. Contact us to get even more options and find your perfect home in Central Oregon!

Portland, Oregon Summer Activities

Portland, Oregon has a lot of interesting things to do and is a great city for exploring beautiful places. Located less than 100 miles from the Pacific coast with easy access to incredible recreation in all directions, Portland has a lot of fun activities to enjoy, especially during the summer. Here are a few fun ideas to consider when thinking about what to do around Portland.

Get Outside

Check out Forest Park where you’ll find over 5,000 acres of biking, hiking, and visitor attractions. Also located in the park is the International Rose Garden, which features more than 10,000 roses covering 4.5 acres with beautiful views of downtown Portland and Mount Hood.
Dividing the city from the east and west is the Willamette River. There are 12 bridges that cross over the river, all with a unique style worth seeing. Nine of the bridges are close to all the happenings of downtown so get your walking shoes on and enjoy the city of Portland, bridge style!
Are you tired of walking? Hop on the Portland Streetcar, which makes a big loop passing over the river to Portland State University.

Have Kids?

Spend the morning at the Oregon Zoo where there are over 23 specialized exhibits that cover 64 acres. After you visit the zoo, take a bike ride across the Tilikum Bridge to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. From camp classes to mummies, space, agriculture, and so much more, OMSI has endless amounts of knowledge and fun for you and your family.


More than 75 breweries are in Portland, which means your craft beer experience will be top notch. If you love beer, you might want to extend your visit or better yet, buy a place and call Portland home.
There are also a handful of independent distilleries that are all within walking distance of each other. This area is called Distillery Row and you can take a tour and experience the distinctive quality that only locally-distilled spirits can offer.

Good Eats

From Latin cuisine to an American burger, Portland’s Pearl District is known for having some of the best chefs and restaurants. Or maybe food trucks are more your style; you’ll find hundreds of them downtown and throughout the city, all serving a wide variety of tasty foods.
Maybe you have a sweet tooth? Only a few blocks away from the Pearl District, open 24 hours, is Voodoo Doughnut, known for the most unique and exotic doughnuts. Voodoo’s employees have the freedom to create doughnuts you never thought were possible and it’s always worth checking out.


The Pearl District is not only great for food but also has amazing shopping. There are lots of homegrown shops, with Powell’s City of Books being one of the most talked about bookstores in the nation. There are many fashion forward boutiques, art galleries, and interior design shops throughout the area. There are also big brand stores such as REI, Anthropologie, West Elm, Lululemon, The North Face, and much more.

Columbia River Gorge

If you’re up for a beautiful drive, about an hour west of Portland is the Columbia River Gorge. On your way there you will pass Multnomah Falls, Oregon’s #1 most visited natural attraction. It’s the tallest waterfall in Oregon and the second tallest in the nation.
Once you reach the Columbia River Gorge, you’ll have the Mount Hood National Forest and Gifford Pinchot National Forest to explore. Whether you take a hike in the woods to find a waterfall, go kiteboarding on the river, or climb one of the many surrounding mountains, this area is one of the most beautiful attractions in Oregon and worth the visit.
If you’re interested in learning more about this beautiful city, then check out our Portland community page.

Portland, Oregon Homes With Great Gardens

Living in a city comes with many benefits. There’s excellent food, cultural activities, and fun events happening all around you. Despite these attractions, though, urbanites can start to miss the greenery and wildlife of rural areas.
Fortunately, not all cities are concrete jungles. Cities like Portland prioritize creating green spaces, so you can experience nature while still being close to all the perks of urban life. In fact, Portland ties with San Francisco as the third greenest city in the US.
That ranking is based on “the number, size, spending, and people served by municipal green spaces,” like playgrounds, parks, and community gardens. However, it leaves out one important contributor to urban greenery: the gardens of private homes.
Beautiful landscaping, picturesque flowerbeds, and colorful vegetable gardens can give urban homeowners a sense of peace, even on the busiest city streets. This natural beauty also helps to brighten the community and make the city air fresher.
Want to have a gorgeous private garden in Portland? Check out these homes with lovely gardens currently for sale.
This charming bungalow gives you comfortable places to sit and enjoy both your front and back gardens. On warm summer days, you can sip lemonade on the front porch, breathing in the scent of flowers blossoming around the front of the home. Or, for more privacy, you can relax on the lovely back patio, surrounded by greenery.
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Portland house garden
For more space, take a look at this 4-bedroom colonial home set on a large lot, perfect for a family. The yard gives space for kids to play, yet it’s still beautifully landscaped. There are even spacious garden beds along the side of the home, so your kids can have fun playing soccer or basketball without accidentally damaging the growing fruit and vegetables.
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portland oregon colonial home
This cozy cottage is tucked behind blossoming trees and bamboo shoots, creating natural privacy from the quiet street. In the backyard, there’s plenty of space to grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers. You can use the tiered garden beds, or plant a mini orchard in the stretch of grass. Then, when you take a break, you can sit under the gorgeous arch, covered with vines and blossoms.
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portland oregon backyard garden
This home’s backyard is great for summertime parties, outdoor meals, and artistic projects. You can enjoy an intimate dinner on the patio, then roast marshmallows in the small fire pit. You can even hang your artwork on the fence, turning your backyard into a natural art gallery.
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portland oregon unique backyard
Gardens can be luxurious, too, like private resorts. For example, the garden in this riverfront home includes a soaking pool and elegant details, like regal columns and a walled courtyard entrance. The home is also located in the secluded Dunthorpe community, nestled in nature with upmost privacy.
View More Photosdunthorpe home luxury garden
If you want a wonderful garden but need something low-maintenance, check out this home’s backyard. It looks clean and detailed, yet it’s simple to maintain. The grass is professional turf, so it stays looking great with minimal effort. You can hold a barbecue on the back deck and be proud of your lovely backyard.
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Portland Oregon garden backyard
The beauty of this garden starts in the front yard. The picturesque landscaping, paired with the home’s 1940 Tudor architecture, makes a charming impression on anyone visiting or passing by. The large backyard would also delight a gardener or a socialite. The lawn could be filled with lush garden beds, and the spacious patio would be perfect for outdoor parties with dancing and music.
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raleigh hills portland oregon home
The architecture of this home works together with the garden to create an ideal setup for outdoor entertaining. The floor plan is circular and open, so when you open the double doors, the garden becomes a natural part of the party’s flow. Visitors can grab food and drinks inside, then mingle on the Italian-tiled patio near the bubbling fountain.
View More Photosgreat portland oregon home garden
This elegant 1905 Victorian home has a pretty picket fence and vine-covered arch as an entrance to the tidy front yard. The garden has blueberry bushes, a Royal Ann cherry tree, and fragrant roses, and there are garden beds for planting vegetables. You can set up a parasol on the back deck and enjoy the yearly harvest, fresh from your backyard.
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portland victorian garden

3 Venues to Visit in Oregon for an Educational Wine Tasting Experience

Laurel’s Wine Shop | Cannon Beach

A local favorite for 35 years, Laurel’s Wine Shop offers a variety of fine Pacific Northwest wines, tastings, and more! Expert vintners are happy to assist in pairings and local recommendations making your visit to the Oregon Coast an even better experience.
Recent review on Facebook: “The best place in Oregon to get wine. Laurel knows what is the best in every country. She will help you to choose if you don’t know anything about wine. Wine lovers or tourist you’ll find the finest there. Prices are reasonable. I am a French wine lover and she is the only one who impressed me here!.”

Woodard Wines | McMinnville

Entertaining wine educator Jeff Woodard offers tastings at his wine shop with a customized twist. Depending on the customers and their interests, the experience can range
from the basics of Oregon wine to topics as specific as clonal selection. Woodard is a connoisseur of first-class wines you’ve probably never read about. “The best wines are never reviewed,” said Woodard.
Wine Jeff is Loving Right Now: “The Lingua Franca label from winemaking dream team Thomas Savre, Larry Stone and Dominique Lafon. I have gotten to see their wines develop from their infancy and now I get to enjoy them in the bottle.”

Portello Winecafe | Bend

Three wines—curated by season—are available as a flight on Friday and Saturday evenings at Portello Winecafe in Bend’s NorthWest Crossing neighborhood community. Handwritten tags with winery details accompany each wine in a flight, adding a personal flair to the tasting experience. Portello’s in-house sommelier, Courtney Toci, is always on hand to delve as deep into the details of the wine as patrons want to go. “We keep our flight program super approachable, as a fun way to try new exciting wines,” said owner Lance Newman.
Wine Courtney is Loving Right Now: “Any pinot noir from Cody Wright at Purple Hands winery in Dundee. Every vintage really overdelivers for the price.”
This article is also published in Cascade Living Magazine.