Upcoming June Art Walks

First Thursday in Portland’s Pearl District with Artist Don Gray

Don Gray’s earliest inspirations came from the landscape of his childhood in rural Northeast Oregon.  He studied art at Eastern Oregon University, training his eye and hand in traditional techniques that resulted in meticulously rendered realist paintings. After graduation in 1970, Gray taught high school art for one year, before beginning a professional art career. He exhibited widely in the Pacific Northwest, developing a regional following for his landscapes and figures.
Around 1985, Don began exploring other directions in his work, resulting in paintings that moved beyond literal realism to incorporate an increased sense of abstraction.  Today, his work is broadly based, ranging from precise and traditional realism to energetic combinations of abstraction and representation.
Since 1994, Gray has divided his time between studio work and numerous mural projects, across the United States and Canada. Many of these pieces are large exterior paintings that deal with regional history or events. Don Gray has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States. Gray’s upcoming exhibit in the Pearl District is called “Frozen Ponds/Arcadian Forests.”
Gray’s studio is at his home in Vancouver, Washington. He has also taught occasional workshops and college-level courses and illustrated over twenty books. In 2007, he began an online journal, www.dailyartwest.com, where he posts paintings and commentary.
Please join us Thursday, June 2nd at our Pearl District Office (1321 NW Hoyt Street, Portland, OR) from 5 – 8 PM, to enjoy Don Gray’s art, as well as wine, appetizers, and spirit sampling courtesy of Crafted Life.

First Friday in Bend with Artists Barbara Slater & Vivian Olsen


Barbara Slater

BSlater I'm Special Oil (1)Barbara Slater enjoys painting with acrylic, but oil is her preferred medium, because of the many options it offers.

“With oil paints, I can mimic nearly any other medium, as well as employ what characteristics only it has.”

As an artist, Slater has a passion for color and a great affection for animals and florals.  Her  images tend to be presented close-up, to create an inescapable intimacy and expression of their character.
“I get emotionally involved with my subject.  When I paint, I try to convey the elements that moved me with the same energy and passion with which the image hit me initially.  It could be form, expression, gesture, color; mostly it’s the light and shadow depicting drama.
Barbara resides in Bend, OR and has painted for more than 40 years. She is currently showing her paintings in Oregon, Utah and California. Barbara’s professional memberships include: Oil Painters of America, California Art Club, and locally in the High Desert Art League

Vivian Olsen

TwelveAndCounting.VCOlsen (1)Vivian is inspired by nature and aided by imagination – two ingredients she uses to create wildlife paintings that seem to come alive and glow with vibrancy and light. Observing the wildlife around her has always been her passion and  motivates her to paint expressive portraits of wild animals such as deer, bison, cranes, quail and herons. She spends time outdoors sketching, watching, and photographing her subjects to use as references for her studio paintings. Vivian paints mainly with watercolors, but she also uses oils or pastels for more dramatic paintings.

“I paint what I love – nature, specifically animals of Central Oregon. I work to capture their individual personalities and postures so no two subjects ever look alike – even quail!  All animals are unique to me and I try to express that in my artwork.”

Vivian taught High School Art in New Mexico where she lived for 26 years. While teaching, she displayed her paintings in galleries and in state and national juried exhibits in Colorado and New Mexico. Now retired in Central Oregon, Vivian indulges her love of art by painting and showing full time in group exhibits and solo shows. Her art is represented by the Hood Avenue Art gallery in Sisters, Oregon.
Vivian’s professional memberships include being the current President of the High Desert Art League, a member of the Oil Painters of America and American Women Artists and a member and past president of the Plein Air Painters of Oregon. Her artwork may be viewed at  www.vivianolsen.com and www.highdesertartleague.com.
Please join us Friday, June 3rd at our Downtown Bend Office (821 NW Wall Street, Bend, OR) from 5 – 8 PM, to view Barbara Slater & Vivian Olsen’s artwork, as well as complimentary wine and appetizers.

First Friday in Vancouver with Artist Erika Bartlett

Erika Bartlett has always enjoyed drawing and viewing art, and would describe herself as a life-long observer, information seeker, and an idea maker. Where scientists use these attributes to develop experiments, as an artist, Erika  uses these attributes to develop visualizations. The most important feature of her art is the accurate translation of new found ideas into a visual state, regardless of the medium.
Bartlett volunteers as a Docent at the Whatcom Lightcatcher Museum, which has exposed her to a wide variety of artists, pushing her to use new processes and materials.

“It has also shown me the possibility of what a person can make if they really want to, which is a beautiful thing, I think, for anyone to learn.”

Some new techniques Erika has enjoyed include assembling, glass etching, mobile/digital art and using social media as an interactive tool for social betterment.
Please join us Friday, June 3rd at our Downtown Vancouver Office (402 W 8th St. Vancouver, WA) from 5-8 PM, to enjoy Erika Bartlett’s artwork, as well as complimentary cocktails and appetizers.

Third Thursday in Lake Oswego with Artist Mike Frary

wilsonMike Frary has been a graphic artist for most of his working life and has always enjoyed painting, but didn’t take it seriously until 2001 when he read a book by Roland Roycraft called Fill Your Watercolors With Nature’s Light. After that, he was hooked and started painting with watercolors; he has since switched to fluid acrylics.
Mike’s paintings are inspired by memories and experiences on the Oregon Coast. Born in Tillamook, he took advantage of the beaches, bays, rivers and backwaters from Astoria to the southern coast, as a boy.
Frary’s art is an attempt to provide the viewer with an opportunity to see beautiful coastal areas from his perspective. He encourages people to stray from the path most taken – get away from the Starbucks and cotton candy and go find your own special place on our scenic coastline.
Please join us Thursday June 16th at our Lake Oswego Office (310 N State Street, Suite 102, Lake Oswego, OR) from 4-7 PM, to view Mike’s artwork and enjoy complimentary cocktails and appetizers.

Third Thursday With Artist Dee Rommel

Artist Dee Rommel

Dee is a native Oregonian.  She has always loved the beauty of the nature that surrounds her and she possesses a passion for creating different ways to express that beauty through art.  Dee works in several mediums, as she enjoys variety.  She has been attracted towards expressing herself, both artistically and musically, most of her life.
Dee has been actively involved in art, for over 30 years.  She started with oil, and later added watercolor, pastel, mixed media, acrylic and collage.  Her style ranges from impressionism, (remove comma) to abstract. Dee has studied art at Portland’s Museum Art School, Oregon College of Arts and Crafts, (remove comma) and from private instructors including: Del Gish, Don Ricks, Florence Thurman, Ann Templeton, William Reese, Ned Mueller, Carol Riley, Sharon Engel, Susie Cowen, (remove comma) and Chris Stubbs.  She strives to continue taking instruction, when possible, as she loves experimenting with new ideas.

Third Thurday

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty started the monthly Third Thursday event at Lake Oswego’s Lake View Village complex. Now, many of the businesses keep their doors open late and offer free samplings to celebrate. Please join us this Thursday, May 19th, from 4-7 PM for wine and appetizers.

First Friday with Artist Alisa Huntley

Alisa Huntley

Water’s luminous qualities, movement, color, rhythm and mood are beautifully synthesized in Alisa Huntley’s oil paintings on aluminum and copper. Her paintings are an exploration of reflections, abstractions and the light that dances both across and beneath the surface. Alisa’s method of working in transparent layers and loose colorful brushwork is enhanced by the reflective surface of the metal, creating a jewel-like glow.
Receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Huntley’s art education has been a self-directed process of discovery and learning from via fellow artists, colleges and workshops. She finds delight in the natural world and hopes her art can reach out to the viewer, touch their heart and make their spirit sing.  Alisa lives in Bend, OR on 5 acres with her husband and 3 children and an assortment of animals  and finds inspiration in by the vast skies, wild rivers and grandeur of the Central Oregon mountains and forests.
Her work can be seen at the Tumalo Art Company in Bend, The Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery and the Ozone Fine Art Gallery in Newport as well as online at www.alisahuntley.fineartstudioonline.com.
Please join us tomorrow, at our downtown Bend office (821 NW Wall Street) from 5 – 8 PM, for complimentary wine and appetizers.

First Friday in Vancouver with Becky Leventis

Artist Becky Leventis

Raised in eastern Washington and an Art Major at Whitman College, Becky Leventis has enjoyed living in Vancouver since 1970. During the early years she raised raised two children, along with her husband. Becky also did a lot of volunteer work, including being PTA president at Lakeshore and Columbia River schools. For 20 of those years she also owned a small business.

I’ve always drawn and painted but did not discover watercolors until the 90’s.  Of all the mediums they give me the most joy. Other mediums stay put on the paper or canvas, however water colors mix on their own accord, often creating unbelievably beautiful colors.

A member of both the Society of Washington Artists and Southwest Washington Watercolor Society, Becky Leventis illustrated two children’s books, won some awards along the way, and currently teach painting at several area retirement facilities. Now, Becky enjoys teaching others this fun and enjoyable hobby.
Please join us this Friday, May 6th, at our Downtown Vancouver office (402 W 8th Street Vancouver, WA 98660) from 5 – 8 PM.

First Thursday with Artist Rebecca Seymour

Rebecca Seymour

The photos from the Hubble space telescope have fascinated Rebecca Seymour since they were first made publically available in the late 1990s.  To her, the imagery represents a form of time travel.  Since the light from the vastness of the universe takes so long to reach the Earth, it is as if we are looking billions of years into the past.  Her paintings strive to help us connect to the expansiveness that surrounds us.
Working in acrylic, Rebecca creates large-scale paintings of her favorite nebulae, including the Star Nebula and the Horsehead Nebula.  Layers of transparent paint and glazing mediums create the illusion of depth.  Currently she works with canvas stretched over a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood.  Finished paintings are then mounted on reinforced stretcher bars and framed in a neutral gray toned metal frame.
Rebecca studied painting at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR and is a founding member of North Bank Artists Community Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to supporting artists. She participated in Clark County Open Studios in November 2014 and is an on-going member of Artist Trust in Washington State.  Rebecca was also juried into  American Art Collector Magazine, which was published in October 2015.  She has been painting seriously for 15 years; most recently in her new studio with ample skylights and windows. For more information on Rebecca Seymour, visit her website by clicking here.

Crafted Life

This month, spirit samplings will available courtesy of Crafted Life – a collection of artisan distilleries from the Pacific Northwest.  Each distillery brings its own unique interpretation to the creation of hand-made spirits and Crafted Life brings them all together in a varied membership for spirit lovers. For more information on Crafted Life, please click here.
Please join us May 5th at our Pearl District office (1321 NW Hoyt Street) from 5 – 8 PM.

First Tuesday Art Event At The Oregon Coast

Tomorrow, Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty will be hosting our inaugural First Tuesday Art Opening at the Oregon Coast. Each month, we will feature a new artist, rotated amongst our three Oregon Coast office locations. Starting in May, we will be displaying the work of artist David Jonathan Marshall at our Gearhart location (587 Pacific Way, Gearhart, OR 97138) from 4 – 6 PM. Similar to monthly art events in our other offices, we will be providing complimentary wine and appetizers.

David Jonathan Marshall

Contemporary surreal artist David Jonathan Marshall is well known for his imaginative and daring ideas put to canvas.  In describing his own unique painting style, David reveals his desire to paint scenes the viewer has never seen before.  David’s subjects include: cityscapes, fruitscapes, pear shapes, modern landscapes, tree marvels, “The Bicycle Series” and most recently “The Architectural Series”.
Born in Southern California, David Jonathan moved to the Northwest early on and now currently resides in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  His skill in capturing depth with dramatic perspectives is a direct reflection of his own lifestyle and view of the world.  David is constantly focusing his seemingly endless imagination on reinventing his style, giving new perspective in an unexpected way.  He loves life, which reflects in his work, always delighting the viewer.
To view David’s work, click here.
We look forward to tomorrow’s event and many more First Tuesdays to come.